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About New Potato Technologies, Inc.

The company was founded in 1986 in Danbury, Connecticut as a consulting and design firm specializing in electronic, entertainment, communications, consumer, and commercial product development.

Today, New Potato is currently located in the sunny city of Wilmington on the Cape Fear Coast in south eastern North Carolina.

Since its inception, the team at New Potato Technologies has been involved in over 100 development programs bringing expertise in a spectrum of disciplines to a wide variety of industries and applications. With an emphasis on Creative Design, the company provides more than raw engineering services, and has contributed to many concept developments, the generation of intellectual property, and content creation for various electronic medium.

The company has delivered solutions and technologies for a wide range of applications including electronic toys, video games, videoconferencing, interactive television, computer graphics, presentation systems, industrial automation and control, and a full suite of software solutions for PC and embedded systems.

Our Mission

To be a community of talented professionals committed to delighting our customers, our investors, and ourselves by delivering outstanding products and innovation with the best technology, service, and care we can imagine.

Our Perspective

Our success depends on creating value and delivering it to the customer in the most powerful way with a commitment to quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Our Products

New Potato offers a comprehensive range of products and services that utilize our extensive product and market expertise to realize design objectives with a commitment to excellence.

Consumer Products

Our Goals

Inspiring Innovation


To stretch the envelope of applied technologies with leading edge solutions and technical leadership in the industry.

Inspiring New Ideas


To design, develop, and deliver to market state of the art, high quality, low cost, and easy to use communications and technology products.

Realizing Your Ideas

To dazzle and delight our customers, providing competitive and attractive products for their sales channels.

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