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The team at New Potato offers a comprehensive range of specialized services that utilize our extensive expertise to realize customer's objectives with a commitment to excellence.

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About New Potato Technologies, Inc.

New Potato Technologies, Inc. is a creative team of professionals incorporating a vast continuum of experience and expertise to provide customers with collaborative design and development services.

The team at New Potato Technologies has been involved in over 100 development programs bringing expertise in a spectrum of disciplines to a wide variety of industries and applications. With an emphasis on Creative Design, the company provides more than raw engineering services, and has contributed to many concept developments, the generation of intellectual property, and content creation for various electronic medium.

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Communication System Design

Need a better solution to existing integrated communication systems? Let New Potato help you create smarter control and sensing solutions.

Product Development

Looking to create the next "Big Thing" to hit the market, but need assistance in its creation? Let New Potato bring your product from napkin ink to consumer markets.

Mobile & Connected App Development

Does your company need a new widget or piece of technology in order to make the business grow? New Potato can design and develop it for you.

Concept Prototyping & Realization

Got the greatest idea since sliced bread, but don't know how to get it working take it to market? Let New Potato turn your dream into a working reality.

Manufacturing and Supply Line Management

Are production problems cutting into your bottom line? Got a great product, but need to get it produced? New Potato can get it built and shipped fast.

Technology Assessment

Need an expert to evaluate the difference between true innovation and smoke and mirrors? New Potato can reveal the full impact of technology for you.

Application Development

Need an app to better reach your audience or enchance your product? Let New Potato design and develop a solution that meets your needs.

Hard to Solve Problems

Need a piece of technology so wacky and weird you know not where to turn? New Potato can build it to last and deliver it to you on time for your big gig.


Advanced Technology

From fuzzy logic to fiber optics to exotic sciences, the integration of electronics and software to the technical disciplines of the real world is no stranger to our team.

Hardware Development

Analog, digital, mixed signal, power, and RF design is our forte. High density, multilayer PCB design, design for test, and design for manufacturing is routine to us.

Software Development

Mastery of software design and implementation for any platform or real-time embedded system is our specialty.

Application Development

We are experts in the design of applications for mobile device, and we develop native apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

Communication Systems

From the physical layer through to the application layer of the OSI model over any communications medium New Potato can handle and meet your requirements.

Manufacturing and Supply Line Management

The team at New Potato has extensive experience across a spectrum of manufacturing disciplines and processes and understands the principles of quality.

Industries Served

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Every gadget you've ever wanted to buy, conceptualized and realized for consumer enjoyment.

Industrial Industry


Ruggedized solutions for manufacturing, process control, and supply chain management.

Medical Industry


Medical devices, information systems, and communication to improve health and paitent outcome.

Utility and Energy


Stretching the boundry of intelligent control, sensing, and communication systems for a smarter grid.

Entertainment and Gaming

Entertainment & Gaming

Going beyond conventional platforms and designs in creating exciting sensory perceptions for users.

Military and First Responder

Military & First Responder

Quick response technologies to improve safety and effectiveness of emergency situations and care.

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